The Design Diva

do what you love.

And let me make you look good — online and in print.

When you started your business, you knew you were good at what you do. In fact, you loved it. 

Then it came time to tell others about what you do . . . to (cringe) sell yourself. Most of us hate talking about ourselves. Maybe you are like most of my clients and you’d rather do almost anything than build your own website.  It’s not that you couldn’t figure it out — hey, you are a smart, hardworking, creative entrepreneur. But there are so many other items on your To Do List, and you recall some economics prof discussing relative opportunity costs . . . something like, how many hours of your time would it take to learn, build, test, and deploy versus what could you earn in those hours, doing what you do best?

Relax. I’m here to help. I will create calm from chaos. If you are a small business owner who would rather be doing what you love, call me. 

The Design Diva

I am a website and print designer for small business owners who’d rather be doing what they love.

What I love best is making other small businesses shine. Flawless D diamond sparkle shine. Clean, bright and unmistakeable. Polished, professional, brilliant. And without breaking the bank.

I want to get to know your business, and your vision for it. What part of your business do you love best? Who is your ideal client? What experience do you want to create?

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I work with one client at a time, and I choose to work on projects that I know both of us will wanna brag about. I am not interested in selling you anything you do not want. Ready to explore the possibilities?